Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 7, 2010

Chinatown (1974)
#48 on my Top 100 List
I love this movie mostly because it took the Film Noir style and, by adapting it to things like color and more freedom to discuss the political atmosphere, transfigured it into Neo-Noir. That then paved the way for movies like LA Confidential and Memento. Besides Faye Dunaway's performance ("My sister! My daughter!" remains one of the most iconic moments in film history), the true stars of the movie are Jerry Goldsmith's musical score and the backdrop of the city of Los Angeles. The struggle to bring water to a city brought forth from a desert is a very real one and I don't doubt that in the city's early days, the sort of corruption that appears in this movie was widespread. Also, now that I'm reading A Bright and Guilty Place, which is about LA's early days, I get the whole thing that Hollis Mulwray talks about concerning the broken dam that flooded part of the Valley.
My Netflix rating: 5 stars

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