Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

King Kong (1933)
#27 on my Top 100 List
Back before the advent and (in my opinion) overuse of computers in filmmaking, a man named Willis O'Brien did the special effects for this movie, seamlessly blending live action with puppetry and almost single-handedly perfected stop-motion animation. The attention to detail with the Kong figure and the others (mostly dinosaurs that inhabit Kong's island - and by the way, since when are brachiosaurs carnivorous?) is absolutely fascinating. The special features on this DVD go into how they combined live action and stop-motion in the same shot, as well as how the scenes with Kong rampaging through New York were done. But all in all, it's a love story and it ends tragically as every good love story must, with one of the greatest film lines of all time. I also feel the need to pay tribute to Kongfrontation - the greatest theme park ride to ever exist. Damn you, Universal Studios, for tearing it down!
My Netflix rating: 5 stars


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