Thursday, October 28, 2010

138. October 27, 2010 - Let Me In (2010)

First thing's first - I don't care if it actually does snow that much in New Mexico. I think that it was a mistake right off the bat to move a story that originally takes place in Sweden to a US state that most people associate with the desert. Other than that, this is a very close adaptation of the Swedish film. I'm curious as to whether it's an almost slavish remake or if they're both just very closely following the book. I had issues with the one scene that they did change (the father and his unfortunate run-in with flesh-melting acid) and though the girl in this version grew on me after awhile, I prefer the Swedish girl as Eli/Abby (Lina something). Chloe Moretz has an edge to her that would normally be perfect for playing a vampire, except this little vampire girl isn't supposed to be hard like that. She's less of a vampire and more of a little girl who happens to be immortal and needs to drink blood.
My Netflix rating: 3 stars

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  1. I lived in New Mexico, and that's where I saw the first snow I'd ever see. I remember the snow stacking up way worse there than it ever I ever remember it doing in Maine..

    It's no different than people assuming Maine and Alaska couldn't possibly have hot summers. (;