Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last Airbender (2010)

Netflix DVD on 8/24/11
I had heard really, really terrible things about this movie. Of course, at this point, everyone assumes that anything M. Night Shyamalan does is going to be bad. While it wasn't as awful as everyone said, it's still not at all worth watching. The plot is boring and contrived, the kid can't act at all, poor Dev Patel struggles with ridiculous lines, and I'm sorry, but that stupid dance they do to "bend" whatever element they are in control of makes them look like marionettes having a seizure. Apparently the cartoon that this is based on is far better, but I'm not a fan of anime, so I probably won't get to watching it.
My Netflix rating:
2 stars

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  1. "Dance"? You mean...Chi? Each bender, based on the element (earth, fire, water, air), uses actual martial art movements. Waterbenders use Tai Chi, and Firebenders use Shaolin Kungfu, for example.

    Also, the series was created by Americans that happen to like Anime. So despite the look of it, it isn't Anime. You should try it! It's only 3 seasons long. Until the new series starts anyway (:

  2. That's my point - if it's supposed to be Tai Chi or anything close to Shaolin, it fails. Maybe that's the fault of each actor - some look worse than others.