Monday, December 20, 2010

168. December 19, 2010 - Love Actually (2003)

Words cannot express how much I love this movie. I love how the storylines weave in and out of each other and I adore Billy Mack and his terrible song and I tear up during the (most romantic in film ever) proposal at the end. The only thing I don't love is Laura Linney's decision basically to never allow her life to be her own by sacrificing her own happiness out of a misplaced belief that only she can help her brother. He's in a hospital! There are other people there who can care for him around the clock. She's allowed to have a life too. I appreciate that not all of the storylines end happily (because love doesn't always end happily in real life), but I think that the Peter/Juliet/Mark triangle and Harry and Karen's rocky marriage illustrate that far better. Throwing Rodrigo Santoro out is just stupid.

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