Tuesday, September 7, 2010

115. September 7, 2010 - Get Low (2010)

This is not at all what I expected. Based on the poster, which shows just Bill Murray and a mountain man beard-clad Robert Duvall standing in a field, I figured it would be a comedy or at least a story that included ample comic relief. Not so much. This is a fairly heavy story that, though it drags some in the middle, becomes truly moving by the end. It's obvious by how many people show up to Robert Duvall's "living funeral party" how curious everyone is about him. By that point, so is the audience, who have been granted far more information than the townspeople characters. His story, when it finally comes out, is worth the wait, but doesn't quite make up for how long the movie feels beforehand.
My Netflix rating: 3 stars

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