Friday, June 18, 2010

76. June 16/17, 2010 - When in Rome (2010)

Kristen Bell is a good actress, so I'm not quite sure what she's doing here. She pulls five coins from a magical love fountain in Rome, only to make the five men who threw them there (Josh Duhamel, Dax Shepherd, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Danny DeVito in one of his most miscast roles) fall in love with her. You would think that Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Dax Shepherd would at least be funny, but sadly that is not the case. In the end, everyone comes together to Learn Something Important About Life (except Dax Shepherd, who fits neatly into the movie stereotype that all male models are morons) and everyone lives happily ever after. Please.
My Netflix rating: 3 stars

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