Thursday, June 3, 2010

69. June 2/3, 2010 - Water (2005)

This is a fantastic film illustrating the oppression of widows in India during the height of Gandhi's popularity. Chuyia is seven when her husband dies, leaving her a widow forced to live in an ashram with dozens of older widows. The film is deceptive, at first seeming to be Chuyia's story, but quickly becoming a tragic love story between the widow Kulyani and one of Gandhi's followers, Narayan. It's deeply moving and teasing in the middle, hinting at an idyllic future for the two of them plus Chuyia, but that soon falls apart. There are some questions - most obvious of which being why is Kulyani allowed to have long hair while the other widows shave their heads - but the story doesn't suffer for them. I highly recommend it.
My Netflix rating: 4 stars

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  1. Being a Canadian I saw this because when we make an acclaimed film, you know, we see it. I liked it the first time and then saw it a second time where it didn't do anything new for me. It's a good movie but one where you get everything you need from it the first time around.