Thursday, April 15, 2010

40. April 15, 2010 - Post Grad (2009)

This movie has the potential to be really frightening to any girl (or guy) who has graduated college and suddenly finds that whatever she had planned for the rest of her life isn't quite as easy to get as she had thought. Zach Gilford is adorable as the girl's best friend, though that isn't unique to this movie - he's adorable in everything that he does (and I actually have to stop and think about what his real name is - my immediate reaction is just to call him Matt Saracen). And, let's be honest, Jane Lynch makes everything better. Even when she's not a reformed hooker like in Role Models or the tyrannical coach of the McKinley High Cheerios - when she's just playing the straight character against a cast of eccentrics - she's still brilliant. And Rodrigo Santoro - so hot. At least Alexis Bledel in this movie doesn't make the same mistake that Laura Linney does in Love Actually.
My Netflix rating: 3 stars

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