Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31. March 31, 2010 - Jennifer's Body (2009)

This is one of those movies that you know is terrible and yet, somehow it manages to be completely awesome and enjoyable too. While I don't necessarily agree with the casting of Amanda Seyfried as the nerdy best friend, I really like her as an actress so I'll go with it. It's gory and horrifying and funny all at the same time, though I didn't need to see the copious amounts of black vomit that demon-possessed Jennifer spews from time to time. So far, Diablo Cody has never gone wrong in my eyes, between this, Juno and the fantastic Showtime show United States of Tara.
My Netflix rating: 4 stars

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  1. I don't know whay everyone is so harsh on this was totally enjoyable, but Megan Fox was reeeeeeeeeeeeally bad in it.