Wednesday, March 10, 2010

20. March 10, 2010 - James Dean (2001)

I am not a huge James Dean fan. I recognize that he was a great actor of his time and I am very curious as to what his career would have been like if he hadn't been killed in a car crash after three films - Paul Newman-esque? More like Marlon Brando? Or would he have suffered the fate of other young actors who faded early? But as much as I'm interested in him in that respect, I really don't get him as a heartthrob. I do, however, really like James Franco, which is what led me to rent this. It's a very interesting look at a life that I knew little about and a fun look at what filmmaking was like in the 1950s. Elia Kazan is a major character, as is Martin Landau, but they don't appear as wooden charicatures of famous people - they are portrayed as real people, just like Dean.
My Netflix rating: 4 stars

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