Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thor (2011)

Westbrook Cinemagic with Kat, Anna, Sadie and Adam on 5/6/11
Ah, Marvel - how I love thee! Here continues the epic journey toward The Avengers. At first I was disappointed that Alexander Skarsgard didn't get the titular role here, but Chris Hemsworth was pretty badass and completely hysterical. It's also worth noting that, aside from the scenes in Asgard, this entire film takes place in one tiny New Mexico town and never once feels suffocated by the restrictive location. I like Marvel films so much more than DC ones because they are just far more fun. Batman is broody whereas Iron Man and Thor are just having a good time. And Idris Elba showing up as the Gatekeeper of Asgard was a great bonus!
My Netflix rating: 4 stars

New Movies in Year Three: 31

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