Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rango (2011)

The Nick with Chris on 3/9/11
This isn't really a kid's movie with inside jokes for adults, but it's not an animated adult's movie either. It falls somewhere in between. Some of the things they say are actually a little shocking and it's pretty violent for a kid's movie, but there is definite family appeal as well. Rango is a great character reminiscent of all of Johnny Depp's past roles, at times timid and other times all bravado. He pokes fun at himself, referencing when he played Captain Jack Sparrow and Don Juan DeMarco. The other voice cast members are delightful, though much more difficult to place. And finally, those weird lizard eyes, where the skin extends around most of the eyeball, really freak me out. Even animated ones.
My Netflix rating: 4 stars

New Movies in Year Three: 11

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